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PHS Students Learn about the Power of the Vote

Posted Date: 03/31/2024

PHS Students Learn about the Power of the Vote

Voting stands as a cornerstone of responsible citizenship, where each ballot cast communicates personal values. This message resonated strongly with Pryor High School students during a presentation led by Houston Brittain, President & CEO of the Pryor Chamber of Commerce, and Evett Barham, PACC Marketing Director. Barham with students

Brittain and Barham urged students to reflect on their core values, which emerged as kindness, family, tradition, loyalty, and integrity. “Get to know the candidates and their values,” Brittain said.  

Barham engaged students with an interactive exercise, demonstrating how elections can pivot on a small percentage of registered voters when turnout is low. Further involvement came through students taking the stage to illustrate voting procedures in primary and general elections.

Leadership students from PHS were stationed at tables equipped with voter registration materials as students exited the AVRA auditorium. Eligible students, 18 years or older, could access registration forms or utilize Oklahoma's Online Voter Registration program via a QR code.

The message of the day--vote--let your voice be heard.

Brittain speaking students listenin qr code scan girl with voter form