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Technology 1:1 Program

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Pryor Public Schools 

1:1 Program


Program Goal

Given the growing trend towards cloud-based learning, PPS 1:1 Program is proud to provide the latest technology and training for our staff and students.  These items help our teachers keep pace with the latest changes in technology, while preparing our learners to enter today’s fast paced, tech driven workplace.  To facilitate this goal, we allow the use of an electronic educational device for every learner in our district. 

Chromebooks and iPads let us realize the promise of individualized instruction for our learners delivered through the internet.  Putting learning tools into the hands of our learners in turn allows the district to easily pivot from traditional brick and mortar instruction to online learning during Inclement weather or a virus outbreak.  This also allows us more flexibility for students who need home instruction for heath related or other reasons.  All devices are internet safety filtered to CIPA-compliance on or off campus, and travel in tough, shock-resistant cases which are easy to clean.  All at no cost to our learner’s families.

Through the leadership of the school board and generosity of the Pryor community, demonstrated by approval and passage of bond issues, we have been able to place the following equipment into the hands of our learners.

Hardware Chromebook

District Chromebooks:  2800+

  • Grades 6-12 are assigned a Chromebook for use at school and home
  • Grades Pre-K-5th have access to a Chromebook and/or iPad at school

Special needs & Athletics Over 300 iPads are available, assigned by requirement

Hotspots for middle and high school rural households are available for home internet access based on need and location.

Our student-led Chromebook Repair Program allows learners to check out a loaner device to avoid disruption in classwork while their device is being repaired.  Devices are repaired by students at a central location before being returned to each school campus.


Professional Development

  • To reinforce the district commitment to innovative instruction, PPS employs a district coordinator who stays up with current trends and issues in instructional technology, provides training for technology integration and hybrid instruction while leading a site-level team of professionals to support educational goals. 
  • To integrate technology into curriculum and teaching methods, teachers participate in professional development sessions centered around existing and new technology. 
  • To deepen their knowledge of current technology, teachers seek out individual training opportunities to enhance their application of tech to their individual disciplines, for example exploring coding, robotics, and web design.