Principal Tincher's Welcome

Linda Tincher

Welcome to Jefferson!

 Here you’ll find a true learning community where students, staff and families are enjoying exploring the world and diving into learning that will help them understand how to impact the world in a positive way.

As a Leader in Me School, we celebrate the leadership qualities of everyone in the Jefferson Community. It is exciting to see our student leaders stepping up in their classrooms and throughout the school to contribute their skills to projects and helping in the day to day operations of the school. We truly could not do it without them! Student leadership is constantly displayed in through academic excellence, service projects, healthy school activities, clubs, and classroom and school wide jobs. Our students are not the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today!

Our staff and parents work as a team to make sure that our students have opportunity to learn and lead. We are proud to have strong parent involvement through our JPT, parent volunteers, the Watch D.O.G. Dad’s program, and parent support of school activities such as awards assemblies, field trips, school plays and concerts, celebrations, school and testing orientations and our annual Art Show and Leadership Day. Jefferson parents can always be counted on!

Our staff works hard to make sure that students receive a quality education that is not only aligned with state standards but also relevant to life. They work hard to build relationships and trust with our students and to encourage students find their leadership strengths and reach their full potential. They do remarkable things to make a difference in the lives of our students every day.

Together the Jefferson Family has created an amazing learning community that lives with the mission to be a place ‘Where all are loved, all are leaders, and all are learners for life!’


Jefferson Creed:

I am  A Jefferson Student, special and unique.
I am proactive when I show responsibility. 
I will reach for the stars by having goals and a plan as I begin with the end in mind.
I will put first things first by working then playing. 
I will show courage by thinking win-win, so that everyone wins.
I will listen to other people’s ideas and feelings, seeking first to understand then to be understood. 
I will synergize with others to make Jefferson the best it can be. 
I will sharpen the saw by taking care of myself and spending time with those I love. 
At Jefferson I am loved, I can learn, and I believe I will succeed.