Thornton's Thoughts

Week of October 27th

As I write this it is October 27th, but more importantly it’s DAY 50 here at Lincoln Elementary! We are so excited we have had so many days in person with our learners. We did have to go to virtual learning for two days right before fall break. While we were saddened that we had to make that decision, it served as a great practice for our students and our teachers should we have to transition to virtual learning again in the future.


Staff standing outside

We know that in school learning is really the best place for our learners to be, a place where they can learn with their peers, from a qualified and loving teacher, and in a school environment that will challenge and help them grow in ways only we can dream!


Today, our administration team here at Lincoln decked ourselves out from head to toe in our true personality colors to greet our learners with music blaring and our smiles ready! We also had the pleasure of having our Superintendent Dr. Raleigh and Asst. Superintendent Dr. Wilkins with us to greet everyone as they came in on Day 50! It was a cold and rainy morning, but a SUPER exciting way to start the day!



This week is also Red Ribbon Week! This is a time that we collectively come together as a nation to encourage and educate our students about drug prevention awareness. It is a fun and exciting week for everyone as we get the pleasure of dressing up in all kinds of ways to promote our students NOT to do drugs!  Some of the ways we dressed up was red day, hat day, western wear, decade day and book character! Even though it has rained every single day we still had an exciting week!


studenting standing


There are three full weeks left until Thanksgiving break and we want to make each and every day count! Please make sure your child is in attendance every day that is possible and that if they are absent, that they are connecting with their teacher and staying up to date with their assignments. As always you are your child’s biggest supporter and working as a team with your child’s teacher will ensure your child has a great year!



Week of September 28th

Happy Day 28th here at Lincoln Elementary! Each and everyday that we get to be with our students is treasured and time well spent! Our students are enjoying every moment being here at school with their friends and teachers, all while our amazing teachers are working to close any gaps from the spring and pour in new information as well!

 I want to take this time to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to make sure your child is safe and well taken care of while at school! Some precautions that are in place are: all students must wear a mask when entering the building, going about the building, and when social distancing can not be met. Every measure that could be taken has been addressed, so that grade levels do not cross each other or mix at any time or activity. All surfaces are cleaned daily and we also have hand sanitizers throughout the building and in each classroom too!  Every student walks through a temperature monitoring system before they ever enter the building. Our bus students are also checked before getting on the bus by a nurse assistant. Our nurses are heavily involved in any suspected cases and work closely with each other to make the right decision for all involved. We absolutely couldn’t do this without our amazing nurses and their assistants! The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority! If you have any questions, please take a look at our homepage and specifically Lincoln’s plan for more information. Thank you for another great week at Lincoln Elementary! It’s a great day to be a tiger!

Week of September 8th

It’s a really exciting time at Lincoln Elementary! As I write this, we have just started day 21, and I’m so thankful for each and every day we have experienced thus far! Last week, our school celebrated our achievement of reaching Lighthouse status, and it was such a fun and exciting week for all! I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the teachers! 

Probably one of my most favorite days of all was Reverse Day!
We had so many kids who dressed like their teacher! That truly is the best compliment:) Our celebration week provided much needed enjoyment and a sense of normalcy for all. Great job Lincoln students and staff for reaching this milestone and all of your hard work. 

teacher and studentAs you can tell we have lots of construction still happening at Lincoln, but we have so much completed and already in use! We have a brand new library that opened its doors this week. Mrs.Teel and her team have been working very diligently to get it up and running for our students to come and explore! We are thrilled to have this new space for our learners to grow in their reading skills. 

Our cafeteria is brand new and a beautiful place for our students to enjoy their lunch. It has become a place of laughter, storytelling, and fellowship for all. On any given day you’ll see Mrs. Round sharing her favorite novel, telling jokes, or if it’s your lucky day you might even get to experience a whole grade level break out in song. We also have a brand new track on each playground and work has begun on our front entrance with a new awning. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first few weeks back at school and look forward to many more 

days together! Thank you for sharing your kids with us each and every day! Every day has truly been a gift!

Week of September 4th

It has been an amazing few weeks here at Lincoln Elementary! We are so excited to be back with our students and doing what we love, which is being with kids and helping them to grow into amazing and educated leaders! 

Let me take a moment to introduce myself to you all! I’m Melinda Thornton, Assistant Principal at Lincoln Elementary and this is my eleventh year at Pryor Public schools. I recently left the classroom and have started my journey as an assistant principal and I couldn’t be more excited to be here at Lincoln! I am thrilled I get the opportunity to invest in our children right here in Pryor, a place that my husband and I have created a home for our two girls. As a parent myself, we want nothing but the best for our children and I believe that Pryor Public Schools has prepared and will continue to lay out an education path that will ensure your child finds a path that is right for them!

These past few months have been challenging and difficult to navigate to say the least, but as we have returned to face to face learning with our students, we have overcome every obstacle and embraced a new way of doing things with such grace and positivity! I am confident that no matter what comes our way, our staff at Lincoln, will conquer each hurdle with confidence and victory! One of my fellow administrators, Mrs. Round said it best “ We are going to do what we have to do until we can do what we want to do!” There are many things that are different about school right now, but one thing remains the same, at the heart of every classroom is a teacher pouring into their students as if they are their own and working with every ounce of energy they have to make sure every child succeeds in their class.  Our teachers have truly stepped up to the challenge and have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of our students while learning new and innovative ways to teach in 2020!

Teachers have such a tremendous responsibility, but you as the parent play a vital role in your child’s success as well! You know your child best and we thank you in advance for all of your support and the time that you will spend investing in your child’s education this year! We are looking forward to a great year here at Lincoln! 

Please check back each week for Thornton’s Thoughts and recent happenings here at Lincoln Elementary!

Mrs. Thornton

Lincoln Elementary Asst. Principal