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PTO Family

2020 2021 New Business

  • PTO Statements
  • Elect Officers
  • LECC Activity Account Balance: $6,547
  • Popcornopolis Online Fundraiser – 40%
  • Goal – $5,000
  • PTO Family Pictures – Text (918) 914-3667 if they can be used on Facebook.


The P.T.O. purpose is to work with the LECC staff, student families, and the community in meeting the needs of LECC students.


The P.T.O. goal is to meet the needs of LECC students that will assist in greater achievement academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Organization Structure

The P.T.O. structure is made up of three positions-President, Secretary, and Action Coordinator.  These persons are voted on by the body of parents and teachers at the first meeting of the year. Each position is for one year. Each re-elected person can hold the term for a total of two years. These persons work collectively with the principal in decision making and some decisions will be presented to the body of present parents and teachers for approval. Meetings occur every other month.

Membership Requirements

  • The P.T.O. membership requirements are that a person should be present at meetings on behalf of a student(s) in the LECC building.
  • Persons should attend and conduct themselves in a manner that would be positive, even in differences of opinion, keeping in mind that the student needs are the priority.


  • Audits are conducted by the district appointing or hiring proper persons for that role that would keep us in compliance with Oklahoma Statutes.


Pryor Public Schools and PPS students benefit by parents and families participating and cooperating with the staff to meet the needs of students on a regular basis. All of the district’s pre-kindergarten students start at this building and then the following year will divide to attend the school within their housing boundary within the district. Therefore, all of the students in the district benefit from the P.T.O. and it’s decisions to meet student needs.

PTO Leadership

President Shanda DeMoure

Secretary Jessica Hood

Action Coordinator Melisa McNutt

PTO Meeting Dates

November 10th

January 12th

March 9th