Lincoln Elementary School Parent Involvement Policy 2020 2021

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Lincoln Elementary School......Pryor, Oklahoma

Parent Involvement Policy......2020-2021


Lincoln Elementary School agrees to implement the following statutory requirements:        

  • Jointly develop with parents and distribute to parents of our students, a parental involvement policy that the school and parents agree on.
  • Notify parents about the Parental Involvement Policy in an understandable and uniform format and to the extent possible, distribute this policy to parents in language they can understand.
  • Make the Parental Involvement Policy available to the local community.
  • Adopt the school-parent compact as a component of it Parental Involvement Policy.
  • Agrees to be governed by the following statutory definition of parental involvement, and will carry out programs, activities and procedures in accordance with this definition:

Parental involvement means the participation of parents in regular, tow-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including ensuring:

  • Parents play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning;
  • Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at Lincoln Elementary School
  • Parents are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child        

Lincoln Elementary School will implement required school parental involvement policy components as stated below.

  1.  Lincoln Elementary School will take the following actions to involve parents in the joint development and joint agreement of its Parental Involvement Policy and its school wide plan in an organized, ongoing, and timely manner:

Gather and distribute to parents for review the following materials:

  • District wide Parental Involvement Policy, the School’s Parent Involvement Policy, and the School-Parent Compact.
  • These materials will be dispersed to parents at regular Title 1 parent meetings, school site meetings/activities, and Parent/Teacher conferences.  Written and oral input from parents will be discussed/considered during Title 1 meetings, site meetings/activities, parent/teacher conferences, school newsletters, school web site, social media, and other written form of communications with parents.

2.  Lincoln Elementary School will take the following actions to distribute to parents of our students and the local community the Parental Involvement Policy:

  • The School Parental Involvement Policy will be given to parents at Title 1 meetings.
  • The policy will be posted on the school web site, and other forms of communications with parents as needed.
  • Parents of new students will received the policy upon enrollment

3.  Lincoln Elementary School will periodically update its Parental Involvement Policy to meet the changing needs of parents and the school through:

  • School site meetings (including but not limited to: back to school night, winter fest, spring fling)
  • Title 1 meetings

4.  Lincoln Elementary School will conduct an annual meeting to inform parents of the following:

  • Title 1 requirements
  • Meetings will be held at various and convenient times to encourage parents to come.
  • Parents will be notified about meetings through school memos, newsletters, the web page and other social media avenues along with the school messenger phone system.

5.  Lincoln Elementary School will hold a flexible number of meetings at varying times and may provide child care, and / or home visits, paid for with Title 1 funds as long as services are parent related.

                To encourage parents to attend these meetings, the school will offer training to parents to improve student success and achievement.

                In situations that prevent parents from coming to the school for meetings, school personnel may arrange to meet the parents at a mutually convenient time off campus.

6.  Lincoln Elementary School will provide information about Title 1 programs to parents of our students in a timely manner through the phone system, newsletters, and web page.

7.  Lincoln Elementary School will provide parents with a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet through:

  • The Annual Title 1 parent meeting
  • Parent Teacher conferences
  • Title 1 meetings and family activities throughout the year

If requested, Lincoln School will provide parents’ opportunities for regular meetings to discuss the program, make suggestions, and assist in decision making relating to the program and education of the students.

  • Through pre-arranged meetings with the title 1 coordinator
  • Through meetings with the student’s teacher (including the title 1 coordinator, principal, and other staff as needed)
  • Concerns/comments about the site plan.
  • Parents may submit comments in writing regarding the schoolwide plan to their child’s teacher, the title 1 coordinator, the principal, and/or the appropriate department within the district.


  1.  Lincoln Elementary School will build the schools’ and parent’s capacity for strong parental involvement in order to ensure effective involvement of parents to support a partnership between the school, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement through:
  • Parent training
  • Family nights
  • Teacher/Parent Resource Library
  • Web sites, PTO, Social media avenues, school messenger phone system
  • Parent partnership
  1.  Lincoln Elementary School will incorporate the school-parent compact as a component of its School Parental Involvement Policy:
  • The School-parent compact will be a part of the School Parental Involvement Policy on the school’s web page
  • It will be completed and signed by the teacher, the parent(s), and the student during enrollment procedure
  • As needed, the school-parent compact will be included in school newsletters along with the school parental involvement policy.
  1.  Lincoln Elementary School will, with the assistance of the district, provide assistance to the parents of our students in understanding topics including but not limited to:
  • Oklahoma academic content standards
  • Oklahoma student academic achievement standards
  • State and local assessments including alternate assessments
  • Title 1 requirements
  • Monitoring their child’s progress
  • Working with classroom teachers


  • PTO/School sponsored trainings or workshops
  • Kid friendly standards
  • School-parent intervention compact
  • List of websites for academic reinforcement; parental topics
  1.  When appropriate, Pryor Public Schools including Lincoln Elementary will provide materials and training to help parents work with their child to improve academic achievement and foster parental involvement by:
  • Holding regular title 1 meetings
  • Family activities
  • Encouraging parental participation

Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:       

  • Literacy training
  • Using technology to enhance learning
  1.  Lincoln Elementary School along with Pryor Public Schools will provide staff development to all faculty, staff, and administration to build ties between parents and schools while maintaining a good parental relationship.  Topics to be covered include but are not limited to:
  • Effective parental communication
  • Working with parents as equal partners
  1. Lincoln Elementary School will attempt to take the following actions to ensure that information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities, is sent to the parents in an understandable and uniform format.
  • Upon identification of parental need for information in another language or format the school will take steps to ensure that the parent request is fulfilled.
  1. Lincoln Elementary School will provide opportunities, information, and school reports for parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory students in the family’s primary language.  This includes but is not limited to:
  • Annual Title 1 meeting
  • Back to School Night
  • Family activities throughout the year
  • Translators provided as needed
  • Parent training for volunteers
  • Report cards provided in primary language
  • School notes sent home in primary language
  • School messenger phone communication system in primary language