Superintendent Report: February 1, 2021

A team from Pryor High School is the Oklahoma LifeSmarts State Champions for 2021. These students have been put in hours on their own clock to study, challenge, and prepare  for this contest. Congratulations to the team members listed below for their hard work and  commitment! Also, congratulations to the sponsors, Mrs. Rash and Mrs. Roberson! 

Senior, Taylor Rash 

Senior, Nick Ware 

Senior, Jeremiah Smith 

Junior, Mason Pendley 

Freshman: Lily Ortiz 

Freshman: Gracie Vivion 

Construction Update: 

Baseball/Softball and Middle School Shelter projects are both in the final stages. Punch list  items are being addressed at both sites. We have the certificate of occupancy for the Shelter  and are working on scheduling the final inspection at the baseball/softball campus next  week. 

Phase 3 at the high school got started this week. Saw cutting for the plumbing is underway  and the group restrooms have been roughed in. Waiting on a plumbing inspection on  Monday then start pouring the floor back and framing can begin. 

Congratulations to Lincoln Elementary and Jefferson Elementary for being selected as  State Schools of Character by the organization. This is their second time to  be recognized for this honor, and they will now be evaluated for the chance to be  recognized as National Schools of Character. There were only three schools in our state  that was recognized and Pryor had two of the three. This is a very rigorous evaluation, and  we are very proud of both of these elementary schools and their students and staff! Please  find more information attached. 

Congratulations to our HS Valedictorian’s, Salutatorian’s and Top 10%.  Please find more  information on our school website homepage

“Today, resilience has a much broader meaning. For researchers and professionals working with kids, it’s not just about ‘bouncing back.’ It’s about ‘bouncing forward.’ Resilience doesn’t just mean getting back to normal after facing a difficult situation. It means learning from the process in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge.”  – Donna Volpitta