Superintendent Report: May, 3 2021

Congratulations to our HS Choir:
We took 3 choirs to state contest on April 8th… treble, mixed, & tenor/bass.

All 3 choirs received the highest rating you can receive in both stage competition and sight-
reading. We will be bringing home a sweepstakes plaque and will get an extra medal called

the accent award since we had 3 choirs receive all superiors. Attached is a picture of the
Sweepstakes Choir from Pryor HS!
The HS Choir took 22 students to Enid as well, for state solo/ensemble contest. They had 7
solos and 4 large ensembles advance to this level from district.
All 4 large ensembles made 1s (superior). One of the judges commented that our ensembles
“made her day.” Another judge said one of our ensembles was the best she’d heard in 3
days. These students got some very high praise today.
6 solos made 1s (superior)…
Ross Barringer
Eric Chapin
Audrey Cornett
Elizabeth Dougherty
Joe Ray
Pierce Wenger
1 solo made a 2 (excellent)…
Seth Thibodeau

Congratulations to the HS Choir Program and thank you all so much for your support of
our choir program!
Pryor High band students had a great day yesterday at Enid as they participated at the
OSSAA State Solo Contest. The following students earned a 1st division or superior rating.
Ross Barringer, Horn
Audrey Cornett, Percussion
Ericka Dodson, Flute
Madison Hansbrough, Flute
Azul Ibarra, Flute
Mitchel Kirkpatrick, Percussion
Seamus Meehan, Trumpet
Pierce Wenger, Euphonium
Alycia Yoder, Horn
Two students earned a 2nd division or excellent rating.
Graci Neal, Clarinet
Darren Paulk, Clarinet
We are very proud of these students as they really took great initiative and worked very
hard! Please pass along congratulations as you see them!
Construction Update:
Door jambs arrived early this week. Some have been installed in new computer rooms. This
let the drywall installers start again. MEP is working in all the back areas, footings, floors
have been poured back, and the mason has stocked CMU’s in some areas.

“Today, resilience has a much broader meaning. For researchers and professionals working with kids, it’s not just about ‘bouncing back.’ It’s about ‘bouncing forward.’ Resilience doesn’t just mean getting back to normal after facing a difficult situation. It means learning from the process in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge.”  – Donna Volpitta

Congratulations to Lincoln Elementary and Jefferson Elementary for being selected as  State Schools of Character by the organization. This is their second year to be recognized for this honor, and they will now be evaluated for the chance to be  recognized as National Schools of Character. There were only three schools in our state  that was recognized and Pryor had two of the three. This is a very rigorous evaluation, and  we are very proud of both of these elementary schools and their students and staff! Please  find more information attached. 

Congratulations to our HS Valedictorian’s, Salutatorian’s and Top 10%.  Please find more  information on our school website homepage

Pam Devers

District Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to the 2021 District Teacher of the Year, Ms.Devers!