DC trip group

DC-Sophomore 21- Safe Traveler Form Update

August 23, 2021

Dear Learners, Parents, and Teacher Leaders,


We are excited that you have expressed your intention to travel with the Washington D. C. Sophomore Group over Fall Break (Friday October 15th- Monday, October 18th)!  Our traveler list has been submitted and our bus lists have been distributed to your teacher leader. If your student has not already heard from their teacher leader, they should expect to hear from them this week.


At this time, we are still proceeding with our plans to make this trip happen! We are committed to  providing this once in a lifetime opportunity for your student. With that being said, we are monitoring the pandemic and staying abreast of any changes to ensure safe travel. 


As a part of the safety precautions, masks must be worn as we travel in the airport, airplane, the coach buses, and federal buildings as well as any buildings that require masks. 


In addition, we were notified that our tour company is adding a COVID-19 Safe Traveler Agreement that will need to be completed 72 hours prior to our flight departure. This form is a proactive measure to enable us to travel under fluid circumstances.  


As a part of the Agreement, all travelers will either need to complete a negative PCR COVID Test 72 hours prior to departure or have been fully vaccinated to be able to take part in the trip. While the tour company will not be collecting proof of the negative results/vaccinations, travelers will carry proof of those results when or if they are required. They must show documentation to their teacher leader prior to departure. 


We have consulted with our administration and we understand that this is an additional step in the process, but we are thankful to be able to still offer this experience and do our best to ensure safe travel. We are working on a list of providers that will offer the PCR test in our area and will be sharing that information with you as soon as possible. 


Since we were unaware of the Safe Traveler requirements by the deadline of our Intent to Travel form, an additional opt-out period will be offered until August 31st. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to one or all of the following:


Dana Gwartney       gwartneyd@pryorschools.org

Dawn Manley          manleyd@pryorschools.org

Dustin Cottom         cottomd@pryorschools.org


Thank you for your patience and understanding, as this is a fluid and evolving process.