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Weekly Updates

Report July 12

The east classrooms at the High School Project now have carpet. The ceiling grid is repaired in all but one room so dropping tile is all that is left for that side. The corridor tile has started again and will be complete early next week on the east hallway. The two new computer labs have carpet and base installed. Ceiling grid is in, but one room still needs the two X two grids installed. Then HVAC registers will be dropped in and those rooms will be ready for millwork.

The parking lot is also being prepared for grading.

Report June 21 - 25

Painting has started in the existing classrooms at the High School Project. The east side classrooms have the primer done, and the top coat starts Monday. A few more sheets of tile backer around the old air handler room and the center core of the east side will be ready for wall tile, which will finish the corridor on that side.

Once painting is complete, floor covering will follow behind them. Tentative scheduling for classroom floor covering is the week of the 5th. The flooring contractor is starting to grind high spots today.

The plumbers are working on the sewer main that leads out to the south and across the new parking area; they are almost across the road with the piping. Dirt work continues on the new parking area. All the topsoil is stripped, and the sidewalk is removed. Surveyors are coming next week to set the elevations and outline for them.

Structural steel is starting tomorrow. The steel erector was onsite today to get things laid out and will bring a crew tomorrow to start installing.
I think we are still doing good but it can be hard to see just walking through,

Report June 14 - 18

Things are starting to go back together at the High School Project. Framing in the classroom corridors is nearing completion.

Still a little to do in some of the new spaces, but the classrooms are almost done on both sides.
The finishers started yesterday and will work through the weekend. There should be ten rooms ready to paint on Monday. The painters are scheduled for a Tuesday start, and Voy hopes carpet starts by Thursday. I think that is a little optimistic, but probably the first week of July.
MEP trades still out ahead of the sheetrock hangers and working throughout the project.
Framing has started along the north side of the culinary arts area.
I feel good about where the project is right now, as long as there isn’t a major surprise we should be in good shape.

Report June 7 - 11

Demo is finally winding down; now we can start putting back.

The tile work in the High School corridors has started, the west hallway is almost complete and the east hallway started today. The flooring contractor is coming tomorrow to level the floor in the culinary arts kitchen and classroom.
 All the door jambs are set on the east hall and the return walls are framed and sheeted so the tile can return into the alcove. They have some door jambs set on the west hall also.
 The plumber started working on the grease trap yesterday. They have the hole dug and should get the grease trap in next week.
 Next week the drywall finisher is scheduled for Monday to start prepping the classrooms for painting. The painters should be on-site towards the end of next week.

Report June 1st - June 4th

Still doing demo at the High School Project. There are five classrooms that had porcelain tile on them that has been a problem to remove. Crews now have a large grinder that is getting the floor cleaned. The classrooms should be complete today, then they will move to the science corridor.

Framing has begun at the new classroom openings. Workers are starting to set the new door jambs and frame, the returns and soffits in the door alcoves. Wall tile should start early next week.
 MEP trades are still working to rough-in all their stuff before the drywall covers the walls. 
Hard to see much progress this week because most of it was tearing out to start putting back.

Report May 24th - May 28th

It’s all about the demo this week! The rooms were emptied out on Monday at the High School Project, and Voy started taking out millwork and door frames right behind us. All the tile in the old science rooms that were remodeled in 2010 is gone with just some grinding left to do to smooth the surface on the floor.

Crews have taken down the drywall in the east corridor and the tile backerboard will start Tuesday. The tile crew will return mid-week to start the corridor walls. They have started installing the connecting plates for the steel beams that will support the folding wall between the culinary kitchen and the flex classroom.
Still making good progress, enjoy Memorial Day

Report May 17th - May 21st

The temp walls are starting to be removed at the High School Project now that school is out. Voy is demoing the walls in the corridors, and you can get a real sense of how the space will be. The plumbers are starting to set the fixtures in the new group restrooms in the new commons area. Painting began this week and the two computer labs and the associated offices have been primed and one top coat of paint applied.  The ceiling grid began this morning. They have the offices completed and the west computer lab is near completion. MEP trades are working ahead of the drywall crew throughout the project.

Next Monday the maintenance crew will move all the furniture out of the rooms,  and demo will begin in the classroom space.
Still making good progress,

Report May 10th - May 14th

Things are ramping up at the High School Project. CMU work in the culinary arts area is coming along well. MEP trades are working throughout the project, and the painters are coming early next week to start painting in the new computer labs. Voy has been working at night to do some demo work to get ahead of the summer push. Structural steel is being delivered this afternoon which will let them continue framing in the folding wall of the flex classroom.

 Everyone is getting ready for the big summer push,

Report May 3rd - May 7th

CMU work has started. The mason is working in the back of the culinary arts area. They have the walls started and are half way up on the south partition of the classroom area. The east commons wall has been tiled and is being grouted today.

MEP trades are still working throughout and making good progress. Drywall finishing should start early next week.

Report April 26th - April 30th

Door jambs arrived early this week. Some have been installed in new computer rooms. This let the drywall installers start again. MEP is working in all the back areas, footings and floors have been poured back and the mason has stocked CMU’s in some areas. Next week should make a big difference in the look of the back part.

Report April 12th - April 16th

The under-floor plumbing in the culinary kitchen is being finished today. All the fill is in at the existing pit and concrete is scheduled for Monday afternoon. 

Wall tile has started in the men’s side of the group restrooms and the floor tile is ready for grout in the women’s side.
More drywall has been installed in the computer area.

Report April 5th - April 9th

The PHS Phase 3 project is still going well. The tile crew has the women’s restroom wall tile almost completed. They only lack the top few rows on the fixture wall to finish that room. They will be moving to the men’s side next week.

 Framing is started in the old computer labs to make them into classrooms. The drains are roughed in for the new laundry and toilet that will open into the classrooms we built in phase 2. Voy is drilling the wall for the drains to continue outside.
 In-wall brackets are being set for the floating counter in the new commons. Then that wall  can be finished. We are waiting on door jambs before the walls in the new computer rooms can be drywalled on both sides. 
 They are scheduled to pour back the concrete floors that had to be cut for electrical and plumbing rough-in and the pit that was raised in the old boiler room next week.

Report March 22nd - March 26th

Good progress continues at the High School Project. Framing is moving into the ceiling fur-downs in the new commons area. Crews will be going into the culinary kitchen area next week. Plumbing on the group restrooms is roughed in and they are working on the french drain at the bottom of the old mechanical pit and backfilling it in. Wallcovering started “one-siding” the walls so the plumbing inspection can still be done next week. So far we are in a good place

Report March 15th - March 19th

Great progress at PHS Phase 3 this week. Framing is progressing at a good rate. Crews are past the group restrooms and working on the lounge area. Plumbers are close to  ready for an inspection on the restroom

Rough-in then drywall can start. Inspection should be the first part of next week. Electricians are roughing in boxes in the framed areas. Voy’s laborers saw cut the footing channel in the front part of the new media center this week also. So far this project is exceeding my expectations; I hope the progress continues at this pace!


Report March 3rd - March 12th

The Middle School Shelter Project is near completion. The gym floor received its final sanding and finish coat yesterday. Test and balance people are working on the HVAC air output. Not much left to do.

Phase 3 at the High School Project is progressing nicely. Voy has brought better subcontractors this time. Framing is moving at a very good pace. Plumbers are working to top out the group restrooms, and the electricians are roughing in their boxes and conduit as soon as the framing crew is out of an area. Crews will be working on some of the existing spaces over spring break to get further ahead before summer.

Report March 1st - March 5th

The Baseball/Softball campus passed the fire marshall’s final inspection. It is 100% occupiable now.

 The  PHS Phase 3 Project passed the under floor plumbing inspection and the floor has been poured back in the group bathrooms and the old freezer pad. Metal framing is scheduled to begin next week.

Report Feb. 22nd - Feb. 26th

Baseball/Softball and Middle School Shelter projects are both in the final stages. Punch list items are being addressed at both sites. We have the certificate of occupancy for the shelter and are working on scheduling the final inspection at the Baseball/Softball campus next week.

Phase 3 at Pryor High School got started this week. Saw cutting for the plumbing is underway, and the group restrooms have been roughed in. Waiting on a plumbing inspection on Monday; crews will then start pouring the floor back and framing can begin.

Baseball/Softball and Middle School Shelter projects are both in the final stages. Punch list items are being addressed at both sites. We have the certificate of occupancy for the shelter and are working on scheduling the final inspection at the Baseball/Softball campus next week.

Phase 3 at Pryor High School got started this week. Saw cutting for the plumbing is underway, and the group restrooms have been roughed in. Waiting on a plumbing inspection on Monday; crews will then start pouring the floor back and framing can begin.

Report Feb. 1st - Feb. 5th

The Baseball/Softball Project is winding down. We will do the punch walk with the Stacy Group on Tuesday. Turf is finished on the softball field. All the spoils are hauled off, and we have the bag of rubber infill material in storage to maintain the fields. Speakers have been installed along the front of the bleachers on both fields; roof decking is nearing completion, and final cleaning starts this weekend.

 The Middle School Shelter is in about the same place. Final cleaning and punch list items are being done. We are scheduled for the final gym floor coating beginning March 11.

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