Construction Updates

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Weekly Updates

Report January 10 -14

The hollow metal window frames have started being installed in Pryor High School. They have all of  them on-site and are installing them soon. Ceiling grid is finishing at the south end of the media center hallways, painting is going on in several areas and light fixtures are being installed also. The wood panel crew has been back and is almost caught up with the rest of the finishes.

 Concrete has been poured on the shot put area and the surveyor was back this morning to mark out the containment pole locations. Some curb and gutter has been poured on the new parking lot and some of the sidewalk on the south end was being poured today.
Framing continues on the pressbox remodel. There was some misunderstanding as to what was actually supposed to be done, but I think we have most of that corrected.
The PAC mechanical project is at a stand still due to material shipping delays. We have received one of the three pumps that we ordered and are waiting on the other two.

Report December 12 - 17

We have moved into the new student services area at Pryor High School. There are still some minor items to complete, but this will allow the demo of the existing office area to be done while we are out of the building. At this point, anything that will reduce the disruption to our staff and students is welcomed.

 Painting is well underway in the media center and in the new teacher workroom and lounge. Wall tile is being installed in the commons area behind the existing cafeteria, and floor tile is being filled in around the main corridors. The next two weeks should yield significant changes in the center of the building.
 The PAC mechanical project is underway. The mechanical room at the PAC is ready to start putting the housekeeping pads in and then start moving the equipment from the High school. The piers  for the cooling tower to rest on are being poured next week.

Report December 6 - 10

Student Services in the High School is close to being usable. The lighting is in, plumbing fixtures are installed, the main desk is almost complete and the flooring is down. Still need the data terminated and some minor items finished. We should be able to move before we leave next week.

 The parking lot is at grade and there is a compaction test scheduled for later today. If the base passes the density test we will be ready for curb and gutters to start being formed and poured.
  The media center soffits are complete. They are finishing drywall and painting in that area. Flooring is still being installed in all areas of the project also.
The structural steel is up at baseball/softball. Both sides have been done, so we can start framing the new areas. Some electrical demo has also been done.
The PAC mechanical project started this week. They have removed the refrigerant from the chillers, removed the condensers, and started demo inside the boiler room.

Report November 29 - December 3

Student services are coming along in Pryor High School. The painters need one more coat of paint that will follow all the other trades. Tiling is complete in the restrooms, ceiling grid is complete throughout the area, lighting is being installed and the reception desk is in place. Floor leveling is scheduled for this weekend and flooring should follow closely after.

 Painting in other areas throughout the project is being done which will let the ceiling installers get in next. Drywall is starting again in the media center. They still have some of the fur-downs to finish than the acoustical grid will be installed. The carpeting in the three breakout rooms in the back of the media center has been installed.
Dirt work has started again on the parking lot south of the building. They have cut down as far as they need to and are starting to place the select fill back in.
The structural steel for the baseball/softball project is now on site. They have cut the railings upstairs to start working on the press boxes.
PAC mechanical starts Monday. During Thanksgiving break, the electricians trenched the new power conduit across the back drive.

Report November 15 - 19

This week has been about getting student services at Pryor High School ready to go. Both restrooms have tile on the walls and floors. The offices are ready to paint, and the reception desk is being installed. Painting is scheduled for Monday. The new teachers lounge, work room, offices, and some of the media center is also ready to paint.

Framing has started in the commons annex. Soffits are framed, so the electricians can rough in their lights and receptacles before the wall board starts.
Some millwork is starting to be delivered and installation is close to starting on it

Report November 8 - 12

The new sanitary sewer line from the High School to the east property line is finished and in service. The plumbers have the football building tied into the new line also. There is still the final grading and sodding to do to complete that part of the project. Crews are working now on lowering the water lines that are a conflict with the new parking area south of the high school building.

 Student services area restrooms have the tile on the walls near completion. The floor will be installed next followed by grouting the whole area.
Sheetrock is hung in that area and MEP trades are topping out to get ready for drywall finishing next week.
 The drywall installers are working on the soffits in the media center. They are hanging the bottoms of them first and waiting on architectural steel to be installed so they can do the sides. The high density storage system has been installed in the media center storeroom.

Report November 1 - 5

The drywall is going up in the media center and student services area. Crews have most of the media center office and storage area installed and finishing is starting. The painters are onsite following the drywall finishers as soon as an area is ready. 

 Framing in the student services suite is near completion, as is the MEP trades rough-in. Tiling has started back in the main corridor. They have the sides from the office to the south wall in front of the locker bays almost completed, and as the tile is finished the temp fencing is being removed. 

Report October 25 - 29

The rain shut down the plumbing work that had been going on to connect the new sanitary lines for the back of the High School. This only affects the new spaces and nothing we are currently using has been interrupted. Once the sanitary line is completed, they will start lowering the water lines going across the new parking lot.

 Inside, the in-wall inspection went well, so crews have started drywalling the media center, teachers lounge, and the new workroom.
Student services has most of the framing completed and the HVAC trades are roughing in their equipment.

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