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Construction Updates

Weekly Updates

Report Jan. 4th - Jan. 8th

Crews have started installing turf at the Baseball Field. They started on Monday and have 80% of the outfield complete. Weather shut them down on Wednesday, but next week looks like good weather to finish.  Signage is being installed throughout the building inside and outside. The masons have the brick veneer almost completed on the hospitality room upstairs. The public restrooms are near completion on the fixture installation. Lockers have been installed in the locker rooms. Site concrete is 95% complete.

At the Shelter things are winding down rather quickly. We are scheduling a fire marshal final late next week and doing the punch list walk on the 18th. Inside, the flooring is complete, and touch up painting is being done; ceiling tiles are being dropped in, and MEP trades are trimming out. Outside the site, concrete is almost finished; metal panels are trimming out; roof caps are being installed, and joint caulking is going on.
 Voy has been at the High School looking at the upcoming phase 3 project.
Good weather next week will change the look of all the projects.


Report Dec. 7th - Dec. 11th

Bleachers are being installed at the Middle School Shelter Project. After the bleachers go in, the projector will be installed, then the final coat of finish will go down on the floor. The classrooms are close to complete. Flooring is down up to the carpet/LVT transition at the west end of the hallway. The only thing left is the base around the walls. Some site work was done this week. Crews graded the area between the building and the street curb in preparation for the rest of the concrete walks. Substantial completion is on track for the middle of January.


The Baseball Field is almost ready to start the turf installation. There is still one layer of fine gravel to grade out over the field, and then the pitchers mound and base sockets will be installed. Site concrete is going well. Crews are pouring around the building and are close to complete. Scoreboards are up as well as the foul poles. Stadium seating is done on the baseball side, and the lighting is installed on the softball canopy over the seating area.

Lincoln is still trying to finish the punch list items.


Report Nov. 30th- Dec. 4th

The Baseball/Softball Project has stalled due to rain. The turf company is onsite working on getting the underfield drainage installed, but wet weather hampered that this week. Crews are using the field lighting to extend their working hours on the days that they can. Site concrete is getting done around the building, and the electric for the lights under the bleacher covers has started. Painting the accent stripes continues inside the hitting area.

The gym floor is complete in the Middle School Shelter. All the painting and finish is down, now just waiting for it to cure. Ceiling tile is dropped in all the classrooms, and crews are working down the corridor. Touch-up painting is being done around all the accent stripes. The ceiling is finished in the entry, and bathroom partitions are being installed in the locker rooms. 

Floor covering is scheduled for next week.

Report Nov. 16th- Nov. 20th

The drainage under the turf area at the Baseball field is started. Crews will connect that to the underground detention system to drain any water from the playing surface. Site concrete under the bleachers has started on the baseball side also. Inside the hitting area the accent painting is underway. Workers also started installing millwork in the coaches areas this week.

Millwork is being installed in the classrooms in the Middle School Shelter Project. All the cabinets are onsite. Lockers are installed in two locker rooms and working on the third. Graphics are being painted on the gym floor before the last coat of finish is applied.

Punch list items all that is left to finish at Lincoln.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Report Nov. 2nd- Nov. 6th

The Stacy group and the electrical engineer came and did the punch walk for the Lincoln Shelter project this morning. Most of the items found were small and an easy fix. This project is close to completion.
At the Baseball/Softball Building, the nailer curb and fence posts are finished on the softball. Crews removed the temp fencing and have graded the area between the drive curb and the nailer curbing. Exterior light fixtures are starting to be installed on the building. Painting and MEP top-out is underway inside. They are still finalizing the press box extensions details. This affects the finishing of the inside of the building because the roof can’t be dried in until everything gets reworked upstairs. Grading on the field is ongoing, as is the site work concrete. Poles were installed today for the scoreboards on both fields.
The Middle School Shelter is moving along well. The gym floor is complete and sanding should start soon. Flooring in the dressing rooms and weight room is finished. Ceiling grid is up throughout up to the lobby header, and the tile is starting to be dropped. The masons are finishing the exterior CMU work around the doors. Drywall is being finished in the lobby soffits, and the glass has been installed in the storefront.
Things are moving pretty well right now,


Report Nov. 9th - Nov. 13th

The Lincoln Project is very close to complete. Still need some sod, some fencing, and the punch list items. We are hoping to be ready to have the design team out next week to walk the job.

At the Baseball/Softball Project, the painters have painted the bleacher structure framing and some of the building exterior steel. The benches are set in the dugouts on both sides. Exterior tile at the stair towers is about 50 percent complete. The masons have the hall of fame walls finished on the baseball side and have started the softball side.

The Middle School Shelter has the gym floor layed out and they are working on the installation. All of the wet rooms in the locker rooms are tiled, the ceiling grid is installed up to the lobby header. EIFS is near completion. Crews have one small existing wall to repair on the weight room exterior wall. The masons have to finish one more row of burnished block over the entrance, and they will be done. Site work has started back up with the sidewalk along the south side of the building poured. Metal awnings have been installed over the south doors.

Good week overall,


Report Oct. 26th - Oct. 30th

Rain shut down the Baseball/Softball Project this week. Most of the work needs to be done outside to prepare for the turf. Crews were able to make headway inside the building with MEP trades starting to top out their equipment. The flooring contractor started the ceramic tile in the locker rooms, and most of it is complete. Crews are “de-watering” the fields, so they can start drying out for next week.

The Lincoln Project is close to finished. The flooring is installed in the STEM lab and art room. Final painting and touch up painting throughout has started. Still to be done is a punch list walk to finalise the close out.

At the Middle School Shelter, the gym floor work has started. Crews are 2/3 through with the underlayment. All materials are on site for the gym floor. The projector screen is being installed today in the gym to get ahead of the flooring crew. Painters are putting the final coat of paint on starting in the west classroom and working down the hallway. Light fixtures are dropped in the classroom/office wing, and the electricians are roughing in the rest of the building. Roofers are back today and are starting the copings around the lower roof. Masons and EIFS installers are back on site also. 

Next week should get us a long way down the road towards exterior finishing and gym flooring complete.


Report Oct. 19th - Oct. 22nd

The millwork is installed in the STEM lab and the art room at the Lincoln Project. Floors in those two areas are being prepped for the floor covering. Painting in the art room is near completion, and touch up painting throughout the project is underway. Sod has been laid on both playgrounds. Wood column wraps in the media center are done. Some hardware for the doors is still on order, but the project is getting close to completion.

At the Baseball Field, the nailer curb for the artificial turf is poured from the visitor dugout around to the foul line in left field. Crews are forming the left field line but have just started. The posts for the champion wall are poured into the nailer curb, so the outline of the field is starting to become visible. Painting on the baseball bleacher cover has started, as well as the ongoing interior painting. MEP trades are working inside as areas become available to them. The plans for the pressbox extensions are out to the contractor as of yesterday. Grading on the baseball field is starting again as the nailer curbs are finished.

Storefront frames are installed in the Middle School Shelter lobby. Crews are putting plywood in so they can start drying out the slab in preparation for the wood flooring. Painting is ongoing throughout the building. Flooring in the locker room restrooms has started also. Stairs are being poured today to get ahead of the bad weather next week.

Report Oct. 12th - Oct. 16th

The sod is going down on the playgrounds at the Lincoln Project. Crews have the east playground finished and should start on the west side today. In the STEM lab, the drywall needs one more coat of sheetrock mud, and it will be ready to paint. Lights have been installed in the ceiling grid, and millwork is scheduled for today. Wall angle is going up in the art room, and the ceiling grid should start soon. Wood column covers are being installed in the library. Crews have the metal corners on all of the columns and the wood panels on one. More being added today.

The nailer curb is being formed around the Baseball Field. Workers have formed down the right field line and around about three fourths of the outfield. Light poles are up on both fields, and the lights are being wired and aimed. Painting inside continues, and the MEP trades are working inside and outside. Wall tile on the east end of the building has started. Some fine grading around the building and dugouts has been done in preparation for concrete walks.

At the Middle School Shelter, ceiling grid is being installed down the classroom corridor. The classroom ceilings are complete, and the light fixtures are starting to drop in those spaces. Cap stone has been installed on the ramp walls. Painting continues throughout the project. Sound panels are on site and waiting to be installed.

Things are looking pretty good at all sites,


Report Oct. 5th - Oct. 9th

At the Lincoln Project, the glass is being installed in the storefronts on the south wall of the STEM lab and art rooms. The ceiling grid is up in the STEM lab and the drywall is hung. The south wall still  needs the mud and taping done, and then that room will be ready for painting. Millwork for both rooms is still at the installers warehouse and will be installed once the rooms are completed. Under canopy lighting has been installed on the front canopy, and crews are forming the pier bottoms for concrete. The playground areas are being prepared for sod.

At the Middle School Project, the painting is continuing in the shelter area. Top coating is on up to the dressing room area. Inside the shelter the sound panel framework is being installed on the precast walls. CMU and EIFS exterior work continues, and some of the site concrete was finished this week. The storefront frames in on the west end have been put in also.

AT the Baseball/Softball Project, the metal roof decking over the bleachers is being installed. The baseball side is complete, and the softball side should finish by the end of the day. Painting on the hitting area ceiling has started. The knee wall between the field and the seating areas have been poured on both sides. The lower half of the light poles are up on both fields. Glass is installed in the hospitality room and the lower level.

Good week this week,


Report Sept 28th - Oct. 2nd

At the Lincoln Project the ceiling is finished in the entry hallway. Canopies are installed, and lighting is roughed in on the front canopy. Concrete is poured around the columns in the back. Storefronts are installed in the STEM lab window openings. Painting continues after hours and on weekends.

The stairs are being installed to the upper deck at the Baseball/Softball building. The bleacher cover frames are up on both fields, and the backstop poles are under construction. Some of the welded wire railing is being installed. 

At the Middle School Shelter, the stairs and the ramp entrances have been poured. The mason is back working on the CMU veneer; EIFS is ongoing, and painting on the inside is progressing. Crews are installing the rubber tile flooring on the weekends, and two classrooms and the lab are complete.