PPS School Board Members

Fred Sordahl

President Fred Sordahl

Paul Melchior

Vice President Paul Melchior

Wes Miller

Clerk Wes Miller

Raymond Greninger

Member Raymond Greninger

Member Dean Robertson

Meeting Summary January 11, 2021

Summary Meeting Notes 

Board of Education Meeting 

January 11, 2021 

Pledge of Allegiance  

Approved Minutes from December 7, 2020 & December 18, 2020 

Public Comment 

Presentation of district approach to student learning and remediation – Dr. Tiffany  Ballard, Dusty Harrison & Instructional Coaches 

Approved Treasurer’s Report  

Approved Encumbrance Report & Other Expense Reports for 2020-2021 Approved sub-accounts, fundraisers and raffles for the 2020-2021 school year as presented. 

Approved agreement between Mike Miller and Pryor Public Schools for implementation of  EMT Certification Program at Pryor High School. 

Approved science textbook committee. 

Resignations tendered – Gary Kennemer-Extra Duty Coaching  

Retirements tendered– Marian Pilgrim – MS Choir (end of school year) 

Approved the hiring the following Certified positions for the 2020-2021 school year:  Braydyn Willyard – Agricultural Education Teacher, Jamie Nofsinger – High School  Teacher. 

Approved the hiring the following coaching positions for the 2020-2021 school year: Chell  Looney – Interim Head Girls Basketball Coach, Charbrice Evans – Asst. HS Girls  Basketball Coach, Logan Smith – Lay Asst. Boys Soccer.  

Approved designating Jason Johnson as Chief Technology Officer in conjunction with  current CFO/Treasurer duties. 

Approved hiring staff for the Tiger Pride After School Program as presented. 

Approved the transfer of funds from HS activity account to newly created PHS Comfort  Closet account. 

Approved extra duty, professional development stipends and salary adjustments as  submitted for the 2020-2021 school year as presented 

Approved revisions to the School District Budget for the 2020-2021 school year as  presented. 

Approved allowing interest income to be deposited into any fund account that is  appropriate as determined by the superintendent and treasurer.

Approved the hiring of the Stacy Group as district architect. 

Board discussed Superintendent’s evaluation. 

Approved the employment of the Superintendent. 

Superintendent Report 

Our district is so fortunate to have School Board members who are dedicated to our  learners and do so much to provide resources and opportunity for our students. With  January being School Board appreciation month, please join me in celebrating the  leadership of our School Board members. 

Construction Update from Mr. Trout: 

Turf has started at the baseball field. They started on Monday and have 80% of the  outfield complete. Weather shut them down on Wednesday, but next week looks like  good weather to finish. Signage is being installed throughout the building inside and  outside. The masons have the brick veneer almost completed on the hospitality room  

upstairs. The public restrooms are near completion on the fixture installation. Lockers  have been installed in the locker rooms. Site concrete is 95% complete. 

At the shelter things are winding down rather quickly. We are scheduling a fire marshal  final late next week, and doing the punch list walk on the 18th. Inside, the flooring is  complete, touch up painting is being done, ceiling tiles are being dropped in and MEP  trades are trimming out. Outside the site concrete is almost finished, metal panels are  trimming out, roof caps are being installed and joint caulking is going on. 

Voy Construction has been at the High School looking at the upcoming phase 3 project. Good weather next week will change the look of all the projects. 

More District Information can be found at our school website : www.pryorschools.org