1. Pryor High School
Maintain new landscape including trees and flower beds.
Provide monthly weed control and minor pruning as required to maintain plants. Yearly and seasonal pruning of trees and perennial grasses and shrubs. Maintain mulch. 
Site walk available upon request

2. Jefferson and Lincoln
Place new sod in areas where portable buildings have been removed.
Prepare the area, provide and install sod with appropriate fertilizer.
Jefferson appr 61′ x 68′ Lincoln appr 32′ x 126′
Site walk available upon request.

3. Middle School ( formerly Pryor Junior High)
Concrete Repair in North drive from Graham Avenue to MS parking lot
Cut out and remove broken up concrete between drive and sidewalk.
Replace with minimum 5000# test concrete to match thickness of existing 
parking area.  Provide expansion material to help prevent reoccurring 
concrete failure.
Site walk available upon request

4. Lincoln Early Childhood Center (LECC)
Concrete repair to drainage gutter in North side of property
Remove broken concrete and replace with new to match existing drainage gutter.  Must maintain correct grade for proper drainage.
Site walk available upon request.

5. Jefferson
Replace 7 old rooftop package units.
Provide all electrical, control and gas hookups necessary.
Replace with Carrier units to match existing RTU’s for classroom spaces.
Remove old units.
Insure roof penetrations are watertight.
Site walk available upon request.

6. Pryor High School and LECC
Repair larger damaged areas of East high school parking lot.
Must use class A hot mix asphalt. NO COLD PATCHING.
2 large potholes in LECC parking and drive areas.
Site walk available upon request

7. Pryor Football Field 
Seal East asphalt parking area. Repaint parking lines, handicap parking 
and fire lanes as per existing.
Site walk available upon request.