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PHS Students Place in the MidAmerica Reel Competition

Posted Date: 04/17/2024

PHS Students Place in the MidAmerica Reel Competition

The MidA Ambassador Club at Pryor High School (PHS) recently participated in a competition sponsored by MidAmerica Industrial Park in collaboration with RSUTV. The challenge? Produce 60-second "video reels" that promote MidAmerica Industrial Park and its surrounding communities.

PHS students took on the challenge, of filming and editing videos focused on local businesses, products, career pathways, and area assets. The competition provided a creative outlet for students while offering scholarship money and cash prizes for the top videos.  

Two PHS teams placed in the competition:

“In today's time of social media, it was a great way for students to relate to digital marketing campaigns, to encourage others to want to know more about manufacturing and the park,” said Faith Gates, MidA Ambassadors Marketing Team Advisor.

 "I had so much fun working on it; it made me appreciate the effort it takes to create videos like that," said Junior Alana Valdez. She and her partner Lily Sixkiller created a reel featuring the new apartment complexes in the area.   

For many students, the competition was more than just a chance to win prizes—it was a learning adventure. Some had the opportunity to visit local sites and speak with industry leaders, gaining valuable insights into the world of manufacturing and business.

The MidA Reels Competition served as a platform for area students to learn about digital marketing and media production. The reel competition highlights local assets and opportunities and sparks student interest in career opportunities offered in the local area.

The MidA Ambassador Club's efforts are not just about marketing a park; they are about empowering students to explore the manufacturing world and related career opportunities. 

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